@ New Market Square in west Wichita
2755 N. Maize Rd Suite 105 Wichita KS 67205 ( In Front of TARGET)                                     316.260.9989  ~  [email protected] 

 Professional Full Service Nail Care & Waxing

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We offer many Pedicure services to pamper you, making you leaving and feeling brand new. 

Our Pedicure Bowls has a magnetic pipeless jet that uses a disposable liners with all our pedicures.

Also, our Pedicure Chairs provides Shiatsu Roller Back Massage!

Benefits of Shiatsu Roller Back Massage...

  • It relaxes mind & body
  • It restores & balances energy
  • It eases tension & stiffness
  • It improves breathing
  • It improves posture
  • It improves circulation
  • Classic Pedicures

    BASIC Spa Pedicure ~ Simply & Clean

    LUXURY Spa Pedicure ~ Sugar Scrub Touch 

    HOT STONE Spa Pedicure ~ For Relaxations

    PARAFFIN Spa Pedicure ~ Ideal for Dry Skin Hydration

    SIGNATURE Spa Pedicure ~ All The Above, All In one pedi

    LUXURIOUS Pedicures

    DELUXE Spa Pedicure ~ Total Softest our Pedi In A Box 

    COLLAGEN Spa Pedicure ~ Foot Mask Booties

    PURE ORGANICS Spa Pedicure ~ Natural ORGANIC

    ULTIMATE HERBAL Spa Pedicure ~ Botanical HERBAL